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== Century21 Realty ( ) Personal Information Dealing Method ==
Century21 Realty ( hereinafter referred to as “the company”) observes e-labeling method for dealing with personal information enacted by the Ministry of Information and Communications and personal information dealing policy of the related law to be observed by information communications service providers, such as Communications Confidentiality Protection Act, Electric Communications Business Act, Information Communications Network Use Promotion and Information Protection Act. The personal information protection policy of the company is as follows:
1. Collected personal information
(1) Required fields: ID, password, name, resident registration number (foreigner registration number), phone number, mobile phone number, e-mail, address
     * Purpose: confirm identity, confirm intention, secure communications path for processing complaints, provide latest information, such as new services, and new products and events
(2) Selective fields: occupation, marital status, housing type, housing scale, number of persons living together, relation with householder, monthly average total income, interested districts, type of subscribed bank account, number of owned houses, number of houses owned by direct ascendant, time of not owning house, number of supported family members, last subscription date of bank account, owned amount of money, amount of loan hoped for, hoped size of house, time to purchase house, interested apartment, consent to receive e-mail, consent to receive SMS, consent to disclose information
* Purpose of information: statistical analysis or to provide custom-made service
(3) Other automatic creation item: login time, login IP address
* Purpose of information: To prevent illegal and unauthorized used
(4) If the user uses the paid contents of the following additional information shall be requested for payment.
***Credit card payment: Name of credit card, credit card number, expiry date
***Money transfer: Name of bank, account number, pin number
2. Period of keeping personal information
If the member requests to delete or modify personal information or terminate the membership, and personal information entered for specific purpose shall be completely removed from the disk and not be restorable after the purpose has been accomplished, and will not be viewable or useable after the removal.
However, the company can keep the ID of a delinquent member to prevent illegal use for 1 year from the date of termination of the contract. In addition, if the information on the consumer must be stored according to the transaction record between the consumer and the company, the company shall keep the information for the specific period established by the related law. In this case, the company shall use it for the purpose of keeping the information and the period is as follows:
(1) Keeping of transaction record
** Record on agreement and cancellation of agreement: 5 years
** Record on supply of property and payment: 5 years
** Record on consumer complaint and dispute: 3 years
3. Providing a third party with personal information
Century21 Realty ( shall provide members with high quality service, and some personal information can be viewed by member agencies of Century21 Realty ( for convenience of using the service.
(1) Information that can be viewed
Desired article for sale, owned article for sale, name, e-mail, phone number, mobile phone number: agencies in the administrative district of the desired article for sale and owned article for sale
(2) Purpose for using information
For easy and fast support of real estate transaction of members, some of the above information will be provided to agencies.
(3) Period of keeping information
The name, e-mail and contact information can be viewed for 1 month, and other information on the article of sale can be viewed for three months. If the period for keeping information is not separately clarified, the information gathered shall be destroyed when the period of using Century21 Realty( has expired, and it cannot be viewed or used for any purpose.